Twitter Introduces Live Video tweet option for Android smartphones and iOS Devices

You can now tweet Live videos with Twitter for Android smartphone and iOS App

While tech sites have been writing obituaries for Periscope App, Twitter has quietly used the same to develop a new feature called Live Video tweets.

Starting today, Twitter users who use it’s Android or iOS App and have updated to the latest version can now create and tweet live video from their Twitter application. The live video tweet is powered by Periscope. In start tweeting Live Videos, you will have to tap on the “LIVE” option, which should bring you to a pre-broadcast screen when you can frame your shot. As soon as you’re ready, make sure to tap on the “Go Live” tab to start broadcasting.

The new feature also allows other users to participate with you. Once you go live with your video broadcast, anyone with Twitter and Periscope account will be able to join your live video session `and even participate in your experience. The feature has been named as #GoLive and is now trending in several countries.

Over the past year, Twitter has been hit by shrinking user base and heavy losses and with this attempt, it hopes to bring in more users to the platform. The new #GoLive feature is similar to Facebook Live, a similar feature that is available for Facebook users.

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