Hackers successfully install new games on NES Classic Edition

NES Classic Edition Hack Allows To Run Custom ROMS

Hackers have discovered a way to add new games to one of the holiday’s hottest gadgets, Nintendo’s recently released NES Classic Edition console, which comes with a fixed collection of 30 preinstalled games. The company had made it clear that the tiny replica NES will not officially updated with new games, particularly with no Wi-Fi protocol to download them, reports ArsTechnica.

But this has not stopped hackers from taking this up as a challenge who have gone ahead and hacked the mini-console in less than 2 months of its launch. It appears that two hackers were successful in getting new games to run on the console. The Russian Madmonkey dropped a tool that allows you to inject new ROMs and Honeylab from Japan has released a tool for ROM’s as well.

As revealed on the NES Classic Mods subreddit over on Reddit, “all” you need to do is ensure you have created a save file in the first Super Mario Bros’ slot, connect your console to your computer via USB, and then boot it into FEL mode. This is done by pressing and holding the power button when the device is in its off state. Also hold reset while you are still holding the power button. While you’re doing that, you should run a “sunxi-FEL” interface on the computer. That can be downloaded here and more info is available on that page.

It pretty much goes without saying that unless you really do understand what you are doing, there is no guarantee that the process won’t damage your device irreversibly. Also, there is no guarantee that any specific NES ROM would run correctly. However, if you do decide to go ahead, though, you can open up a whole new world of classic gaming!

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