Remodeling the Service Industry: How one Startup Wants to Change the Way We Approach Home Improvement

Taking a Look at How Smartphones are Changing the Service Industry

The current process of obtaining assistance for home improvement and services can be physically, mentally and financially exhausting. For homeowners, it is a part of everyday life. Traditionally consumers have tackled this obstacle by combing through the Yellow Pages or asking friends and family for referrals. However, not all projects are created equal and not all referrals are reliable.

Democratizing the System

The Joint Center for Housing Studies recently released its report noting that the spending for remodeling and repairs will grow over 11.3% . With such a healthy forecast in the residential remodeling market, homeowners will need quicker, and more cost efficient ways to address their growing needs.

There has recently been a heated discussion in the market around the newer more technologically advanced companies that offer on-demand services.  Whether in retail, or ride-sharing, the consumer market is lending itself to a community-centered market. Think of Uber vs independent Taxi Drivers. The fear on the market is that bigger, and app-driven services will replace the unionized taxi driver, contractor, or plumber and “out-source” goods and services to tech-driven companies. However, there seems to be an emerging a happy medium.

To help sort through the good, the bad and the overpriced, one app claims to turn the search for home improvement assistance into an easy and cost-efficient experience. ServiceWhale is an online marketplace specifically designed for homeowners to purchase big-ticket home improvement projects, allowing users to browse and book services straight from contractors from their mobile device. With ServiceWhale, the goal is to give homeowners the tools to be better equipped, informed, and in charge of their own home service projects.


Putting the power of home improvement into the hands of homeowners

For many homeowners the pricing options and quotes from each contractor for the same job are as different as day and night, leaving a lot of people to wonder if they truly getting the best deal. By using ServiceWhale, homeowners are given an open market with honest and fair prices, and reliable customer ratings. ServiceWhale is a free platform that aims to provide homeowners on-demand access to price quotes and contractors in their area.

“With ServiceWhale we streamline the process of booking your next home improvement project. By seamlessly connecting homeowners and contractors on our platform, we save homeowners thousands of hours and dollars spent on their projects, while at the same time bringing real orders, not just leads to contractors. It is a true win-win. Our service takes the guesswork out of home improvement,” said ServiceWhale CEO and Founder, Dmitri Saveliev. “We are doing for home improvement projects what Amazon did for retail, it’s all about simplifying the service and offering transparent pricing.”


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