Tesla launches homemade ads contest after fifth-grader’s suggestion

Elon Musk, a billionaire and the founder and chief executive of Tesla, has announced a contest for homemade advertisements for Tesla on Twitter. But, what makes this announcement different is that this suggestion was given to him in a typed letter by a fifth grade student.

For those unfamiliar, Musk is an active Twitter user, who keeps everyone updated about the electric vehicle maker’s upcoming products and plans by sharing information on the social media platform.

Bria Loveday, 10-year-old daughter of Twitter user Steven Loveday, suggested that Musk should run a competition to find the best homemade commercial for Tesla. The company is opposed to the idea of commercials.

“I have noticed that you do not advertise, but many people make homemade commercials for Tesla and some of them are very good, they look professional and they are entertaining. So, I think that you should run a competition on who can make the best homemade Tesla commercial and the winners will get their commercial aired. The cool part is that you still won’t be taking the time and money to advertise for yourself,” read a part of the letter Tweeted out to Musk by Bria’s dad Steven.

Responding to the letter in a tweet, Musk said, “Thank you for the lovely letter. That sounds like a great idea. We’ll do it!”

Bria, who aspires to be a politician, wrote in the letter that Tesla cars were the “best thing” she had ever seen and that she hoped to drive any of the Tesla cars in the future.

“You could give the winners a year of free Supercharging or a Model 3 Easter Egg or something,” Bria suggested in the letter, which was written for a school project.

“The cool part is that you still won’t be taking the time and money to advertise for yourself,” she wrote, adding, “It would be so cool if you could hook me up with a Tesla T-shirt.”

She also expressed her disappointment over Tesla cars not being sold in Michigan.

Steven is a professor at Art Institute of Michigan and works as a journalist in a car website, according to his Twitter account.

This is the second time in a span of one month that a major public company CEO has responded directly to a minor. Recently, Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai had personally responded to an application by a seven-year-old girl, Chloe Bridgewater asking for a job at the search giant company.