How to turn your Android smartphone or an iPhone into a satellite phone

Having reception problems? Turn your Android smartphone or iPhone into a full-fledged satellite phone

This happens with most of us. You live in a high-rise on the top floor and dismally find out that your expensive Android smartphone or iPhone has no cell reception. Ditto for people staying in crowded areas, remote areas or hilly areas. The problem with GSM technology is that cell towers are required for onward transmission of cell signal. This is made difficult sometimes by geography and other times by distance.

One of the ways to get a cell signal and make calls is to buy a costly Thuraya satellite phone. Buying a Thuraya Satellite phone is not an option for many of us because of its cost. The other way? The more easy way is to transform your Android smartphone or iPhone into a full-fledged satellite phone. How do you do that? In this article, we take a look at how to turn your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone into a smart satellite phone.

How to turn your Android smartphone or Apple’s iPhone into a satellite phone

The best answer about turning your Android smartphone or iPhone to a satellite phone comes from Thuraya itself. Yes, you heard it right, you do not need any dedicated satellite phone anymore. All you need is a Thuraya SatSleeve.

Yes, Thuraya SatSleeve is the answer to all your connection problems associated with Android smartphone or iPhone. Any Android smartphone or iPhone will snugly fit into Thuraya SatSleeve. Apart from making calls and SMS messaging, you can also use Thuraya SatSleeve for instant messaging, emails, surfing and all your internet needs.

This SatSleeve comes in three flavors:

SatSleeve for Android: This is an Adaptor for Samsung Galaxy S4 inside this package (adaptors for Samsung Galaxy S5 and S3 are also available from Thuraya Service Partners)
SatSleeve for iPhone: This is an Adaptor for iPhone 5s/5 inside the package (adaptors for iPhone 6/6S and iPhone 4/4s are also available from Thuraya Service Partners)
SatSleeve+: This is a universal sleeve compatible with a wide variety of iPhones and Android devices.

For those who visit remote places, the SatSleeve also has a built-in rechargeable battery that extends the battery life of the smartphone. Thuraya also ships an optional solar charger for those who need it and also for those extreme adventure situations.

Buying Thuraya SatSleeve is not cheap. The basic Thuraya SatSleeve will cost you around $499. Also, the satellite call charges are horrendously expensive. But if you need coverage where there isn’t a ground-based carrier service, this could go very well of what you need. It is also removable so it can be used only in emergencies.



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