Popular hacking Linux distro Parrot Security upgrades to version 3.5, brings Cryptkeeper, Kernel and additional hacking tools

If you are a hacker, pentester, or a security researcher, this particular news should interest you. The best Linux OS after Kali, Parrot Security has been updated. The newly updated Parrot Security v3.5 brings news hacking tools, new CryptKeeper and Kernel along with many new features.

The new version was in development for more than 2 months according to Parrot Security devs. It comes a little over two months after the first and also the last maintenance update to the Parrot Security OS 3.4 series, and includes quite some improvements and new features, starting with native VirtualBox and VMware virtual machine guest support and the latest, long-term supported Linux 4.9.13 kernel.

“This update took a lot of time (2 months) as we have not only updated and tested many many packages from Debian, but we also tried to play with some new features and dropped some old and obsolete ones,” reads today’s announcement. “On a brighter note, native VirtualBox and VMware guest support is now included by default.”

What’s new with Parrot Security 3.5 Linux Distro?

As you probably know, Parrot Security is perhaps the most popular Linux distro after Kali Linux among hackers, pentesters and security researchers. The new update goes on to build on this popularity. The new Parrot Security version has out-of-the-box printing support via the latest CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) drivers, experimental support for the Cinnamon desktop environment, re-implementation of the ZuluMount mount utility for zuluCrypt, and the Cryptkeeper encrypted folders manager tool.

Additionally, it comes with virt-manager, an KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) and LXC (Linux Containers) virtual machine manager, the SiriKali graphical tool for managing folders encrypted with eCryptfs, EncFS, CryFS, SecureFS, or GocryptFS, as well as an on-board virtual keyboard.

Other than the above, the new Parrot Security Linux distro comes with various hacking tools which have been updated. Also, the Parrot Security devs say that many other hacking tools that weren’t available until now have been included. Parrot Security OS 3.5 also ships with the security updates released upstream for Debian Testing (Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch”) and Debian Sid.

The new version also brings Firefox 51, which comes with up-to-date security fixes and plugins, as well as improved and clean default configs. The gtkdialog, penmode, airmode packages have been removed from this release, including their dependencies.

You can download the new version of Parrot Security Linux distro from here.