Windows 10 Won’t Stop Updating Your System Even If You’re On A Metered Connection

Windows 10 to push some updates over limited data plans

Microsoft has been receiving criticism ever since the company launched its new operating system, Windows 10 in July 2015 over the way it downloads and forces system updates. As a result, the Redmond giant decided to improve the entire experience with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Until now, Microsoft allowed its Windows 10 users to avoid downloading updates over metered (pay-per-byte) connections, in order to avoid racking up huge bills. However, the company has now pointed out that the latest version of Windows 10 will keep downloading updates automatically which it feels are “required to keep Windows running smoothly.” This means that if you’re on a metered internet connection, you are likely to get billed on usage. The updates will only apply to “critical fixes,” says the company.

The company said that it won’t push larger update patches for automatic download while speaking to Supersite Windows. However, Microsoft doesn’t offer any specifics about what the threshold is for an automatic Windows 10 update to be considered “large.”

While the issue may not sound alarming to an user with unlimited service plan or a relatively high data cap, it does rings bells for those users with metered internet connections for sure. One hopes that the company comes clears on this soon.


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