How To Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Find out if your Facebook account is hacked and fix it

Facebook accounts are not only the most sought after by hackers, but also equally spied over by jealous ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-wives/husbands, and business rivals. To ensure that our Facebook accounts are difficult to crack into by hackers, we see that our passwords selected are made of strong characters that are hard to decode and also take some extra security measures to secure it. Similarly, even installing anti-malware software on the system may not guarantee that the system is completely safe from cyber security attacks. And if this is not enough, many of us use our Facebook accounts to login into other sites. As a result, it becomes very important to ensure that your Facebook account is secured.

To find out if your Facebook account is hacked, go to “Settings,” then “Security” and then “Where you’re logged in.” If you notice any unfamiliar login locations, then you might have been hacked.

Don’t freak out, as Facebook gives you the option to “End activity” for that specific login location. To be on a safer side, you can click on “End all activity” for the account.

Further, other potential signs of hacking are change in personal data or log-in info, or unusual friend requests being sent. Similarly, one should also check the outgoing messages that they didn’t write or check for mysterious posts uploaded on their timeline.

The first step and most important thing you should do is change your password and set up two-factor authentication. Subsequently, Facebook has a system to help you in the event you have been hacked.

Visit Facebook’s Help Page, click on ‘I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission’, and then click on secure it. Facebook will take you to a page where you log in and then follow the steps to secure your account.

Check out the video below for more information.

Source: Nextgov

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  1. My Facebook account has been hacked and my phone was stolen I can login my account in need of help to fix it


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