Samsung Galaxy S8 Has Been Hacked To Run Nintendo GameCube Games

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 already hacked to play GameCube classics

Its no question that the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are phenomenally powerful devices irrespective of the variant. Considering their power, someone decided to see if the device could support popular video game titles not originally meant for smartphones.

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A YouTuber named GuruAidTechSupport has shown that devices really can support serious video games. Although you might need really tiny fingers to play them with the onscreen buttons. Will these devices run the games with Bluetooth controllers? Sadly that’s a question he didn’t answer. Maybe one of our readers will give it a shot.

Gaming Experience

The games demonstrated on the device are:

  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Super Mario Sunshine
  • Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Using an emulator named Dolphin Emulation, the YouTuber was able to run the games on the device. As you can see in the uploaded video, playing the games is a fluid experience. He demonstrated it on a demo device at Target and he managed to not get caught, pretty lucky considering the possible consequences.

Therefore, its no doubt that GameCube titles running flawlessly on a Galaxy S8 is a great news, we doubt we’ll ever officially head the company declare support for these games. If you want to see it for yourself, here’s the video given below:

Source: wccftech

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Delwyn Pinto
Delwyn Pinto
A person proud to have an alternate view


  1. Hacked? What?

    It’s an emulator, and not the first Android device to play Gamecube games.

    Posted from my hacked Windows 10 PC running a hacked copy Firefox.

  2. Welp, nice try guys. No, the phone hasn’t been “hacked” to play GameCube games. All he did was install the Dolphin GameCube emulator that’s been around for years. All that’s changed is that the s8 is powerful, so most games should have steady FPS. Given that this is Dolphin, it will support Bluetooth controllers, or any input device really. Source – me playing Cubivore on my V10 earlier this morning.

  3. I’ve hacked many devices in my lifetime and this takes no hacking work. All he did was download a 3rd party app using either the store wifi or his hotspot on his own personal phone. Nice thought though. Its still pretty cool to know the phone plays the games good. Bigger test. Try doing this on PS2 games. See if it’ll run a PS2 emulator.

  4. DeLeon, there is a difference between having an alternate view and being stupid. Check your sources. This story has been done to death by your betters and you chose to cite the idiots who did it the worst. I am blocking your site from my news feed. You can see my comment on there article to understand what is wrong here.


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