Microsoft to bring Ubuntu, SUSE, and Fedora to the Windows Store

Microsoft Linuxified: To Bring Ubuntu, SUSE, and Fedora to the Windows Store

Who could have thought this happening? Microsoft listing Linux products on its Windows Store, If you have lived through the 1990 and 2000s you would remember the great fight between Linux fanboys and Windows fanboys. A fight pretty similar to the Android vs iOS fight was fought on every tech website and forum. How things have changed from then. Microsoft under Satya Nadella is no longer the monopolistic organization it was under Bill Gates and his coterie.

After Satya took over as CEO of Microsoft, we have seen Microsoft genuinely appreciating all that is beautiful with Linux. In fact, last year, Microsoft brought the ability to use Linux binaries from within Windows 10 using the Bash shell. This made it possible for Windows 10 users to run Linux from within the Windows 10.

Satya is now taking a step further towards full Linuxisation of Microsoft. Now Microsoft plans to list popular Linux distros like SUSE, Ubuntu, and Fedora to the Windows Store. This will help Windows 10 users to download the correct version for their PC/Laptops. In the Windows 10 Creators Update, users will be able to install Ubuntu, SUSE, and Fedora as apps on their device, allowing them to run Windows and Linux applications side-by-side without dual-booting.

As of now, Ubuntu Linux is already available on the Microsoft’s Windows Store and SUSE and Fedora said to be made available sometime in the future.

The move proves that the OS world is moving toward greater integration and convergence. It also shows a greater acceptance of open-source by Microsoft.

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