Microsoft accidentally releases faulty Windows 10 internal build 16212 which bricks PCs and Laptops

Microsoft’s Accidentally Releases Windows 10 Internal Build 16212 Which Crashes PCs and Laptops, Here’s What You Should Do Right Away

Microsoft is known for its bungled updates and patches but this one takes the cake. Due to some inadvertent error, Microsoft released an internal Windows 10 build to users. The problem with the released build is that it was in testing phase and never meant to be released. As you all know, Windows 10 automatically updates the releases that Microsoft issues. The same happened with this faulty build and the members of Windows 10 Insider Program automatically updated and bricked their PC/laptops.

The issue was first noticed by MSPowerUser which reported that PC/laptops which automatically updated the faulty update. Microsoft accidentally rolled out the Windows 10 build 16212 for x86 PCs and phones running Windows 10. The immediate result of the update was bricked PC/laptops and smartphone running on Windows 10.

While such faulty update releases from Microsoft are a part of the tech folklore, this internal build 16212 was probably meant for internal testing by Microsoft engineers. It can be safely said that the internal build 16212 that was released was not even an alpha update. Geeks would know that companies generally release beta candidates to their testers for bugs and error reporting. As soon as the PCs/laptops and mobiles which updated to the new build, they crashed.

Some users reported that their Pcs/laptops/mobiles went to a boot loop after being updated this internal build 16212 PCs.MSPowerUser also reported that the Build 16212 causes Windows 10 Mobile devices to enter a boot loop, requiring users to reset their device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Resetting your device means losing your personal data which every person hates.

The internal build 16212 was also released to some regular users who aren’t part of the Windows Insider program. This may mean that some Windows 10 users who are not part of the Windows 10 Insiders Program may also become part of the mayhem. Dona Sarkar of Windows Insiders community tweeted warning both power users and testers not to update their PCs/mobiles with the new update.

Here is what you should do if your PC/laptop/mobile is updated with the new Internal Build 16212

At present it is unclear exactly how many Windows 10 users have updated this faulty build. Microsoft has said that its analysis shows only a small portion of Insiders got these builds. If you are one of the users who has already updated the internal build 16212, Microsoft has issued the following advice.

“If you received this build (from RS_EDGE_CASE) on your PC: Please be aware that this build was never intended to go out to Windows Insiders and may include issues that impact usability of your PC – more so than the normal builds we give you.

“You can either sit tight and wait for us to publish a newer build to you or you can roll-back to the previous build via Settings > Update & security > Recovery. And check your Windows Insider Program settings.

NOTE: You have up to 10 days to roll-back and this will only work if you did not do Disk Cleanup to remove your previous Windows installation.


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