Python is the language of choice for hackers

Programming knowledge is a must for anyone wanting to be a hacker – this is a no brainer. However, what is so special about Python that is has become the programming language of choice for so many hackers ?


Hacking, in the terms we use it means searching for and exploiting system vulnerabilities. System hacking requires a deep technical knowledge, knowledge of methodical testing and a creative application of said knowledge. These work significantly in Python’s favor. Python being a high level language, ignores matters that lower level languages will deal with, allowing one to streamline his attention.

Python has a very simple structure and is a strong scripting language. A simple example of this can be seen when you write the most basic of all programs – a hello world program. Below is a comparison between that program written in Java and Python.

This is how it looks in Java:

public class HelloWorld {

public static void main(String[] args) {
System.out.println(“Hello, World”);


This is how it look in Python :

print “Hello World!”

Java is the language preferred by the masses because literally anything can be developed with it – from desktop applications to websites. Python too, doubles up as a scripting and a general purpose programming language. Add to that the simplicity that we’re just seen, is it any wonder that Python gets favored so much ?

Another aspect that tilts the scales in Python’s favor, is the amount of libraries. When considered specifically towards hacking, Python has such a vast number of libraries that you probably get your work done just by using them. In the off chance that you hit a wall, Python also has a huge developer community for you to help from. Granted, one would be advised not to spread the word of your hacking intentions, but the benefit of a dedicated community cannot be emphasized enough.

All in all, if you are a person with the ambitions of being a hacker one day, start learning Python.