Microsoft’s annual giveaway of free eBooks is here!

Microsoft is giving away millions of eBooks that can be downloaded for free

It’s July and Microsoft’s annual eBook giveaway is back once again! This time with even more eBooks than the previous giveaways.

Eric Ligman, Microsoft’s Director of Sales Excellence, has been posting a variety of free downloadable eBooks, reference guides, Step-By-Step Guides, and other informational resources to benefit its customers and partners around the world for some years now. When the concept was introduced by Eric, the first year saw over 1,000,000 of free eBooks being downloaded, which has grown over the past few years (over 3.5 Million downloaded three years ago).

This time too it is no different. The Microsoft eBooks covers most of the Microsoft products such as Windows, Windows Server, Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, and a lot more can be downloaded in a choice of formats such as PDF, MOBI, XPS, EPUB and DOC. Eric has systemized the eBooks by category with their downloaded links and the type of download format so as to make the search simpler for its users and help them choose their desired eBooks.

The titles are arranged into a selection of categories, including Windows, Power BI, Azure, Office, Developer, Cloud, Windows Server, SharePoint, System Center, Dynamics, SQL Server, General, Office, Surface, Windows Client and PowerShell.

Since the eBook collection is offered through the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site, most of them are designed for system administrators and developers, which should be no surprise. While many of the ebooks offered this year are new, but there are some that were available in previous Microsoft giveaways. However, there are also a lot of other books on offer too that one can choose that may be of interest.

How to download all Microsoft eBooks

For users who wish to download all of the eBooks, Eric has enabled the multiple browser download plug-in for the readers to download, for which a list of all the download links has been created.

“Since the eBooks and resources themselves have been put together and are distributed by some incredible authors and publishers, ultimately, they have the rights to update, distribute, and manage their IP as they see fit,” Ligman says.

All you need to do is to right-click on the icon and select ‘Save Target As’ and hit Enter. This will allow you to download the text for the PowerShell script which allows you to Download All of the eBooks in the list.

For those interested, it’s an offer that one should grab on to. You can check the complete list of eBooks here.


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