Pop-up blocker and ad blocker work together to help you block out annoying ads

Pop-up blocker and ad blocker work together to help you block out annoying ads

Thinking of a way to block those annoying pop ups and ads? You want to continue reading but this annoying set of ads keep popping up. Some ads or pop ups may be triggered by leaving and returning to the site, by clicking on the page, or by clicking a link on the page. They can be infuriating, especially when you get to the moment of digesting the content on a web page. Take note that they not only irritate you, they also use up data that you could have spared without them!

Adblock plus is a free blocker which by command blocks ads and elements that you don’t want to see, you can filter it to your liking and you decide what to block. For example, you can block online tracking and prevent malware software and bugs trying to hack your computer. This Adblock is easy to use and you can customize its settings the way you like it, it’s up to you!

Install Poper Blocker for smooth browsing. This pop-up blocker can stealthily remove ads and pop ups. Some websites would have ads before entering the site, and some pop-up blockers could be too aggressive at removing ads and pop ups that you end up not getting into the site you wish to visit. Poper Blocker will stop the pop ups from appearing without the cost of your access. You will also instantly experience smooth sailing from page to page without the hassle of going through the windows or even clicking on “Block Pop ups” or “Block notifications” every time once you’ve installed this pop-up blocker.

On Google Chrome, Poper Blocker can be installed as an Extension. When enabled, it can be viewed as an icon on the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. You know it’s already working its magic, because the websites, including popular websites that you love visiting yet hate as well due to the number of ads their site has, have stopped inundating you with ads and vexing pop ups.


If you notice that the icon appears with a number while you’re on a site, it just means that Poper Blocker is working on blocking pop ups for you! No more waiting for it to load just so you can close it. No more turning down the volume because an annoying pop up loaded a video. You will notice as well that your browser has started loading pages faster. You can be sure you’re now utilizing your data, not those ads!

However, some pop ups may be important for you, as some websites designed their pages that way. If you wish to change the settings, you just have to go to the Poper Blocker icon, click on the Settings button. It will open a new tab where you can view the Settings of the pop-up blocker.


Place on the “whitelist” the sites you want to allow pop ups. As for the sites, you refuse to receive pop ups, you can place them on the other list. You can always remove the site from the list of websites you want overlays blocked by clicking on the X button beside it.

POPER BLOCKERMake the most of your browser as well as your time and your data. Browsing pages are supposed to be easy, and Poper Blocker is created to ensure that for you. This app can also be used in Incognito mode. You will be able to enjoy visiting multiple websites at the same time, even in Incognito mode, without having to undergo multitudes of pop ups. No more trying to figure out how to make them stop coming in! Add Poper Blocker on your browser now to enjoy fast, smooth, hassle-free internet browsing.

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