Get Cool iPhone X’s Animojis On Your Android Smartphone Too

Are you looking for iPhone X’s Animojis on your android phone?

Animojis on the iPhone X is one of the latest & most popular application. Would you like to have this cool app on your Android phone too? Well, there is nothing to worry about, as there is an app for Android which supports Animojis; and it’s absolutely free.

If you are still wondering if the report is too good to be true, in that case, you should note that this app can easily operate on several platforms such as Android or iOS, and this app is not dependent on any hardware or bionic sensor, which is present in iPhone X. There the app runs equally well on both the leading mobile operating systems. Isn’t very cool, when you can enjoy the same features without having an iPhone?

How will you get the iPhone X’s Animojis On your Android phone

Step 1:

Go to Google Play Store on your phone, and search for ‘Animoji for phone X +Live Emoji Face Swap Emoticon’ app.

Step 2:

Start downloading the app & then install it.

Step 3:

Start operating the app, and accept all necessary requests, so that the app can work without any inconvenience.

Step 4:

Now, select your favorite Animojis and hold your phone straight to your face and act as the app asks you to do.

Step 5:

Congratulations! Now you have successfully created an Animoji. If you wish, you can now record the animation with just a click on the record button and then just stored &/or share with your loved ones.

Well, you may find it is not exactly the same app as in iPhone X, however you can enjoy it equally without spending any penny. What’s now, go just enjoy the app and leave your valuable feedback so that the developer can understand your interest and deliver accordingly.

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