Gravity Phone can be used in either orientation

This concept phone does not differentiate between top or bottom

Designers Julien Lanoy and Jean-Francois Bozec have developed a concept phone that is not only bezel-less but also embraces symmetry. Called the Gravity Phone, the smartphone does not distinguish between a top or bottom of the device. This means that the smartphone can be held in either direction and that side would become the right side up. The slightly curved back of the phone offers a perfect grip to the hand and comes with a resolution of 1220 x 2440 pixels.

Like the front side of the phone, the back where the 16 MPx camera is centrally located can be used in either way. The round photosensor in the phone allows you to switch the angle of camera view to portrait or landscape, anytime you want. Also, thanks to the 12 MPx dual cameras located on opposite ends of the phone, it allows to create depth in the selfie. The side edges of the smartphone are touch sensitive that allows you to scroll without having your finger touch on the screen.

While the smartphone has ditched the Home button, it has kept a fingerprint sensor on its back. It also includes Face ID security system that eliminates the need to scan your fingerprint. Further, the smartphone uses something called Orion Os that allows faster navigation on the device without interferences. It also has a RGB LED notification ring that lights up only that part of the screen that has essential information (when tapped) and not the full screen.

The smartphone has USB Type-C port for charging. The smartphone will be available in two colors, space blue and black.

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