Meet ‘MyLifi’, a desktop lamp that delivers secure internet via LEDs

Oledcomm, a French company, debuted the first-ever LiFi powered lightbulb that delivers super-fast internet via infrared light for consumer use at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Oledcomm’s ‘MyLifi’, is an industrial-style desktop lamp that provides secure, wireless and radio-wave-free Internet access to any compatible device through the data-transferring power of LEDs. It uses a new technology called Li-Fi or Light Fidelity, which allows devices to connect to each other via LED lights.

Considered as an alternative to the traditional Wi-Fi technology, MyLifi connects your device to the internet using invisible LEDs and a special dongle. The data is transferred between the bulb and the dongle via invisible, blinking LEDs, which means the lamp doesn’t even need to be on in order to connect. It modulates and decrypts light signals transmitted from an LED light bulb and converts it into data that your device can understand.

The lamp delivers low latency, fast and reliable internet to any connected device, according to the company. It guarantees a top download speed of 23Mbps, and upload speed of 10Mbps. The lamp comes with one dongle and can be pre-ordered now on Indiegogo for $840.


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