Plagiarism Detection Secrets Revealed

Plagiarism checking tools provide a way for the users, be it students, teachers, professional editors or writers, to check the originality of the content. Plagramme plagiarism checker has taken the utility one step forward by offering unique and sate of the art features, not offered by the competitors in this domain. This article reveals the secrets, as explored by Arturas Vinckevicius, a representative of Plagramme, with a comprehensive coverage of potential issues to be found in the written content.

Detection of Online Content:

Plagiarism checker, Plagramme has the ability to detect the original source of the written content, if it has been published on some web site. The detection of matching and rephrased content is the most sought-after feature of a plagiarism checker and Plagramme makes a comprehensive scan of all available online resources to match the text, which is required to be checked for plagiarism.

Detection of Printed Content:

Many books and journals are printed and are being stored in digital documents format. Plagramme,  can detect the matched content even from those printed material, as the content is somehow published on the Internet, through one source or the other. Plagramme even scans the closed databases for plagiarism and shows the matching results. This help in prevention of violation of copy right material and minimize plagiarism in the content.

Detection of Citation:

Inappropriate use of citation may cause discrepancies leading to plagiarism. Traditionally plagiarism checkers are not built to detect the citations, but Plagramme is designed to detect the citation, be it bad or good. The bad citation is highlighted in purple color, pointing out the users for correction. Green color on a detected citation means that citation is good and follows the prescribed format of the used writing style. This feature again helps in creating the original content, ready to be published.

Detection of Translated Content:

Most of the plagiarism checkers are working towards the detection of written content, even if has been translated from another language. This feature is becoming available in plagiarism checkers and it is just a matter of time before more and more plagiarism checkers will have this capability. Arturas Vinckevicius reveals this as a prominent feature of the Plagramme. This will make life difficult for those, who publish the copy content from another language and present it as their own work.

Detection of Paraphrased Content:

Changing words and sentences to hide plagiarism is no longer possible with this new feature of plagiarism checker. Arturas Vinckevicius states that this feature of Plagramme Plagiarism check, stops cheating by detecting the paraphrased text and helps in ensuring that copy right material is secure from intellectual theft.

Detection of Original Sources:

Plagramme provides the results of its evaluation along with the original sources, from where the content is matched using all the features mentioned above. The source sometimes is from closed database journal or books and may require subscription of those resources to check the detail, still the provision of original source is mostly good enough to convince the users that the content needs to be fixed to avoid plagiarism.

Online Editing Tool:

Plagiarism checker comes with an online editing tool, which not only shoes the color coding for each detected plagiarized content, but can also help the users to quickly fix the document. Users can fix the document online and then download the document for later use. The online tool will also check the plagiarism online, giving the users the option to see the effect of changes in the real time.

As explored by representative Arturas Vinckevicius, Plagiarism tool is a great way to check for the originality of the content. The new technologies in the plagiarism checker are making it possible to detect all type of copied material including translated text to be detected along with the original source. This feature is of great benefit for the users as it can ensure that the content is free of any plagiarism and does not violate any copy right material. The tool is of equally high importance for a number of target audience, which may include researchers, publishers, students, teachers and business professionals.

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  1. Your title “Plagiarism Detection Secrets Revealed” and contents are not matching, i was expecting some low level explanation of how plagiarism checker works.


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