Microsoft in talks to buy GitHub, valued at $2 billion

Microsoft could soon acquire code-repository GitHub at a price of around $5 billion

Microsoft, the software giant, is reportedly in serious talks of acquiring GitHub, the largest source-code repository in the world, reports Business Insider.

For those unaware, GitHub, is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that allows developers to use the tools of the privately-held company to store code, change, adapt and improve software from its public repositories for free. It has more than 23 million individual users in more than 1.5 million organizations.

GitHub was last valued at $2 billion after it had received $250 million in its last funding round in 2015. Currently, the suggested buying price for Microsoft may be $5 billion or even higher, based on a price that was floated last year. If the acquisition takes place, it may end up being one of the top five acquisitions by the Redmond giant of all time.

This is not the first time that talks of Microsoft taking over GitHub has emerged, as on-and-off conversations regarding acquisition have been happening over the years. In fact in 2016, Microsoft was reportedly toying the idea of buying GitHub, although the latter has denied those reports.

Apparently, GitHub is willing to carry out an agreement, if certain conditions are met, of which one is to remain independent and continue with the same dynamic that they are developing from the beginning, say sources of Business Insider.

According to a CNBC report, the discussions of buyout have heated up recently, which advanced from a planned joint marketing partnership valued around $35 million to a full acquisition.

The news of the takeover comes at a time when GitHub is reportedly find a replacement for CEO and founder Chris Wanstrath, who announced his resignation last year. At one point of time, Google’s senior VP of ads and commerce and Microsoft’s exec Nat Freidman were under consideration for the GitHub CEO’s role, a source told Business Insider.

Both Microsoft and GitHub have chosen not to comment on the newly surfaced acquisition rumors and speculations.

Source: ZDNet

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