Apple’s Secret iPhone And Mac Repair Process Revealed In Leaked Videos

Leaked videos apparently show Apple’s secret iPhone and Mac repair process

Apple is a highly secretive company when it comes to how things work behind-the-scenes especially repairs, as it has some private procedures and proprietary tools for the job. It certainly may not be a happy company right now, as a total of 11 Apple’s internal repair videos were posted on YouTube.

The 11 internal video guides (now removed) gives a sneak peak into Apple’s process of repairing various devices, for instance, it showed the company’s methods to fix some components of the iPhone X, the iMac Pro 2017, and the MacBook Pro 2016 and 2017, reports Motherboard.

Just a little over a month ago, a user by the name ‘Arman Haji’ had posted the 11 videos in question on YouTube. These videos were originally discovered by a Reddit user “turnby” on Twitter. But, they suddenly disappeared this week. However, another YouTube user has published the clip here.

Arman Haji told Motherboard that he initially saw the videos on Twitter and downloaded them. He then re-uploaded the videos to his YouTube channel, as he wanted users to view them when the Twitter account was suspended.

“When I saw these videos I downloaded them out of curiosity, and when his account got suspended, I wanted people to still see them, so I uploaded them to YouTube,” Haji told Motherboard in an email.

While Apple did not comment on the issue, Motherboard’s sources said that these are indeed genuine Apple repair videos, as they carry Apple copyright, feature proprietary disassembly tools and repair tools exclusive to Apple as well as include references to diagnostic tests and internal documentation.

One of the 11 videos showed how to open up the iPhone X, which was followed by how to replace the battery as well as the screen in the smartphone, too. The other videos include 3D Touch recalibration, customer data migration from MacBook Pro machines, repair processes for the iPhone X’s camera and speaker, the iMac Pro, MacBook trackpad and MacBook Pro Touch ID sensor, and how to repair the display panel on the 2017 iMac Pro.

Motherboard points out that the leaked videos show how third-parties like iFixit and other firms have impressively reverse engineered many of Apple’s official repair processes and come up with custom tools on their own. On the other hand, Apple has always advised users against performing maintenance on their devices or take them official repair channels instead of unofficial repair shops.

Source: Motherboard

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