The Coolest Twitter Apps for Bloggers

Social media is taking the world by storm.

Facebook now has more than 900 million users, Twitter over 500 million, LinkedIn more than 161 million, Google+ almost 400 million, and Instagram with over 80 million.

These figures aren’t just numbers, but are concrete proof that social media really is stealing the scene when it comes to promoting, well, anything!

Let’s face it, we all cannot hope to market or promote anything over the Web without using Twitter, at the very least. Since this platform is extremely easy to use, you have absolutely no excuse not to sign up and start writing short essay.

Now, to give a little variation to your online sharing activities, you can utilise some of these useful apps for advertising your blog:


This online service is premised on real-time use of post-it notes. It was designed to give quick reminders to users, give notifications on events, share photos and notes, and even attach files.


You can use this to give reminders to other people, i.e. friends, co-workers, classmates, what-have-you.

You can attach files and share notes with other users or within members in your own social group.

You can view new notes every two minutes, depending on when you send your sticky notes and to whom.


This was intended to address the problem that some Tweeters have. Users, for personal reasons, want to create Tweets but not have them published until a specific time in the future. And because you can still use your Twitter username and password, this is a highly convenient medium with a simple interface, check it here


You will be directed to a dashboard where you can set the time zone, date format, and the exact hour when you want your tweet to appear on your homepage. Once you hit Save,you can immediately keep track of all your queued tweets, those that are already sent, and the total number of posts you entered.

You can use this to anticipate upcoming events like parties, Christmas Eve, birthdays, etc. It works pretty much like a normal tweet, but instead of publishing them live, they are queued for a specific period.

Tweet Stats

Tweet Stats is free online application allows you to gather statistics of your tweets in Twitter. This was designed to help you collate data and—perhaps—use it for blogging or social media research.


You will be shown a colourful graph featuring the total number of your tweets for each month.

You can calculate for your tweet density—your average number of tweets at 4-hour intervals divided over the number of days per week.

You can see accurate info about your @mentions and replies, including the users whom you reply to the most.


This is a polling application that you can use to direct questions, surveys, and polls to your Twitter followers. During its infancy, it was designed to help business entities access their clients online and get personal feedback or answers.


You may join polls and receive questions on your Twitter feed.

You can reply directly using your Twitter account or go to StrawPoll to see what other users replied.

Final Thoughts

So that’s about it! Make sure you check these apps out and try to test your tweeting skills. Who knows? You may just find the perfect platform your blog needs to gain fame!

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