Say goodbye to unused screens with some smart digital signage solution

Within the past years, technology has been subject to a very fast evolution, especially when it comes to information technology tools. Such technical improvements are remarkably beneficial for companies that need efficient solutions for conferences and meetings that take place in one workplace or even between two distant offices.

The introduction of wireless devices is one of the biggest steps that technology has taken the past few years. Getting rid of cables helped to have a more functional office as well as a smoother use of technology. This might be the reasons many companies are more inclined to upgrade their technological settings with wireless tools, clouds, and digital signage solutions.

A Danish company called Airtame has come forward with their innovative wireless screen mirroring technology and help to provide solutions for the development of office computer facilities.

Airtame product is a small dongle that can be plugged into any HDMI port to provide wireless display between a device (laptop, phone or tablet) and a screen or a projector.

Benefits of Airtame wireless screen mirroring

Say goodbye to unused screens with some smart digital signage solution

After purchasing a device and setting it up, the next step is to download and install the Airtame app, which is a very easy procedure. Once the app is working, it permits you to connect to one or even several Airtame devices at the same time if needed.

The perks of the Airtame dongle is firstly that it permits to reduce the use of cables considerably as it is also able to use power from the screen itself to function. And secondly, the dongle is also very discreet and will not influence the design of your office.

Compatibility and support

Say goodbye to unused screens with some smart digital signage solution

Another great advantage of Airtame is its compatibility with many different systems which make it very flexible to use. While iOS and MacOS, as well as Airplay, can be used without any issue, and all the recent versions of Windows are also very compatible with the device. However, even if Linux and Android can be compatible to some extent, the Airtame team is still looking into improving the results obtained while pairing those systems with the dongle.

On a side note, once you purchase a device at Airtame, you will receive every update without any further subscription cost and lifetime technical support, that can be reached at any time either by phone, email or on the live-chat present on their website.

This broad platform compatibility is a great advantage when it comes to the impossibility to standardize the computing devices of all the employees, or when having guests coming into the office. Depending on how you set up your device it is also possible to make it either totally accessible, protected by a password, completely protected or even invisible to other people.

Moreover, Airtame now includes a cloud function that permits you to manage all your devices from distance. This feature is incredibly useful while dealing with multiple offices spread over different locations and can be a great help for IT admins.

Another feature that makes Airtame a great solution for offices and workplaces, is the home screen apps. This apps helps you use digital signage in smarter ways, especially because it allows you to combine it with other apps such as World clock, Unsplash, Trello, or Google Slides.

While it might not be necessary to introduce Google slides and its possibility to create and edit presentations online at the same time by different people. It can be really useful during a meeting to be able to access the same slide document and mirror it on a bigger screen.

World Clock, on the other hand, allows you to display the actual time of different places around the world. This feature can be very helpful while having offices in different countries or just when dealing with customers in a different time zone.

If you feel like your office could use some kind of art then Unsplash could be a good fit for you by providing pictures within the topic of your choice and displaying them wherever you feel like it. Instead of leaving your screen blank, this could be a good option to add a bit of life to your office.

Another smart solution for using your screens in a smarter way and digital signage is Trello. Trello can help you keeping track more closely of your different projects and their status. Displaying them into your office might be useful to make sure your team doesn’t lose sight of a project.

Whereas it is images, calendars, data etc. there are also many other options for dashboards that can be used in an office, and Airtame helps you to have a direct access to information and a great solution to display them efficiently and have an easy control from the app and the cloud.

Why have a wireless display feature?  

Say goodbye to unused screens with some smart digital signage solution

One reason is that having a wireless display feature such as Airtame makes it easier for your company to share information with the intended employees of the company or to clients in a specific time. The information can have a very wide range of topics like the onboarding of new employees, the achieved goals of the past months, or any other non-business-related information.

But the wireless display is not only about being passively showing something on the wall, it also includes meetings and presentations. Most people probably experienced or witnessed technical issues while having an important presentation which ended up delaying everything, stressing the speaker and irritating the audience. Therefore, having an easy and multi-platform solution such as Airtame can help avoid troubles and stress.

Bottom line  

To sum up, if you wish to avoid having all those unused screens in your office, considering some technical updates can be a very effective solution, especially when it includes many features such as Airtame does. Not only it would make your workspace livelier and more interactive, but it could also improve communication and workflow, which could then improve your employees’ motivation and your results.

Even though technical tools also come with a certain price, it might be worth investing in one and see how much it can change your workplace.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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