Android co-founder Andy Rubin’s wife blames him for concealing Google payments, running “sex ring”

Android creator and former Google executive, Andy Rubin has been accused of having an “inappropriate relationship” with a subordinate, and also cheating his ex-wife out of millions of dollars, according to a civil complaint made public on Tuesday.

The civil complaint, filed in San Mateo Superior Court by Rubin’s estranged wife, Rie Hirabaru Rubin, were first shared by Buzzfeed News’ Ryan Mac.

It states that Rubin and his former lawyer conspired to defraud Rie Rubin by making her sign a prenuptial agreement three days before their wedding under false pretenses that “later barred her from sharing any part of her husband’s financial gains”.

The complaint refers to the agreement as “unconscionable, capping spousal support and stripping Plaintiff of her community property rights under California law without informed consent.”

However, a lawyer for Rubin says that the complaint is full of “false claims.”

“This is a family law dispute involving a wife who regrets her decision to execute a prenuptial agreement. It is full of false claims and we look forward to telling our side of the story,” a lawyer for Rubin told Business Insider.

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In the unsealed complaint, Rubin is accused of having affairs with at least five other women, of which one woman who is referred to as “M,” was allegedly working with Rubin in what was described as a “sex ring.”

According to the complaint, “M” would “agree to perform various sexual acts with multiple men,” have it filmed for “the enjoyment of Rubin and other men,” and then, would have sex with Rubin “off-camera.”

The lawsuit also alleged that Rubin “concealed his income” from his wife and kept her “in the dark as to his sources of income, the amount of money the family had, and what it was being spent on”.

According to Rubin’s ex-wife, a few months before Rubin left Google in 2014, he had stopped making deposits into their joint account and had instead opened a separate bank account to receive his earnings and make “hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments to other women”.

Rubin was reportedly paid $90 million by Google as exit package after he was accused of sexual harassment in 2014.

Rie Rubin, who is seeking a divorce in a separate family court, is suing to anul that prenuptial agreement that resulted in her being cut out of much of the wealth Rubin obtained from Google and his later Essential project.

The complaint documents are only an allegation and have not been confirmed by the court.

Keep watching this space for more updates, as this is a developing story.


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