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Laws and Legalities

Patents, lawsuits are filed left and right in the technology space. The fines on the Tech giants also make trembles very often nowadays, owing to privacy infringements. See who is battling whom in the race to innovation and greater market share.


FBI used NSO Group spyware even after Biden’s ban

In April, a report by The New York Times claimed that the U.S. government had purchased and used a spying tool made by the...
twitter copycat threads

Twitter Threatens To Sue Meta Over “Copycat” Threads App

The ongoing rivalry between Meta and Twitter has got more intensified, as the latter is planning to take legal action over the “Threads” app. For...

Apple Is Forcing A 111-Year Old Fruit Company To Change Its Logo

Apple is known to go to any extent to try and protect its trademarks, especially its apple-shaped logo. However, the only exception this time...

Spotify Fined $5.4 Million For Violating GDPR Rules

Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, on Tuesday, was issued an administrative fine of SEK 58 million (approx $5.4 million) in Sweden for breaching...
switch emulator skyline

Switch Emulator Skyline Shuts Down Over Nintendo’s Latest DMCA Order

Skyline Emulator, the popular emulator that ran Nintendo Switch games for Android, is officially shutting down due to the threat of legal action by Nintendo. For...

FBI Takes Down 9 Crypto Exchanges That Aided Ransomware Laundering

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has busted nine virtual currency exchange services operating in the United States, Ukraine, and several other...

Seagate Fined $300 Million For Exporting HDDs To Huawei

Seagate Technology, the world’s biggest hard-drive maker, has been imposed a $300 million civil penalty fine by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of...

Baidu Sues Apple, App Developers Over Fake Ernie AI Bot Apps

Baidu, China's largest search engine company, has filed lawsuits against Apple Inc. and other app developers over the distribution of fake copies of its...

After Italy, Germany Considering Banning ChatGPT

Italy last week became the first Western country to block ChatGPT, a popular chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) due to data security concerns. It...

U.S. Justice Department Sues Google Over Dominance Of Digital Advertising Market

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), along with the Attorneys General of eight states on Tuesday filed an antitrust suit against Google over dominance...