Smartphones these days pack good quality cameras and the ability to add face filters can be considered as an icing on the cake. Using a filter you can customize your face as per your preference like changing the size of your eyes, making your color look more fairer, or removing acne marks, and much more.

Unfortunately, a Chinese vlogger got banned from the live-streaming platform after her real face got revealed due to a face filter glitch. So here’s everything you need to know about this unfortunate event.

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Vlogger Banned After Real Face Got Revealed Due To Face Filter Glitch

A popular Chinese live-streaming service banned one of its users after her real face got revealed due to a face filter glitch. The lady was accused of hiding her real age and fooling thousands of admirers. The popular live streaming platform DouYu even deleted many older clips of this woman who calls herself “Your Highness Qiao Biluo.”

This lady looked very young but her actual age was 58 years. Lately, Your Highness Qiao Biluo’s followers have been requesting her to reveal her real face. However, this vlogger demanded around 100,000 yuan worth of gifts to reveal her real face.

Accidentally, her actual face got revealed due to a major software glitch and she couldn’t accomplish her goal of earning 100,000 yuan.

Soon after the glitch many of her fans started leaving her VIP chat room. It is worth noting that Your Highness Qiao Biluo had around 650,000 followers on Douyu. However, after the incident, her following has got down to 300,000.

Everything On The Internet Is Not True

At times people get depressed by seeing other people’s beauty on different social media platforms. That said, everything on the internet is not 100% real. Consequently, we should focus on living our real lives happily rather than faking our looks on social media platforms.

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