8 Best Anime Streaming Websites: Watch Anime Online 2024

Anime or Japanese animation is gaining popularity across the world.

You can easily find action, adventure, sci-fi, horror, games, children, and other popular genres in anime movies and shows.

There are several websites that offer the latest full anime episodes in high definition for free in the English language or with English subtitles.

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NOTE: Copyright holders and law enforcement agencies are actively targeting illegal websites that provide links to watch anime for free or are hosting them on their server.

So without further delay here are the best Free anime websites that you can use to watch anime online without a subscription or registration.

We have compiled a list of legal websites that you can use to stream anime online for free without worrying about anything.

Best Anime Streaming Websites to watch Anime Free

1. Crunchyroll 

crunchy roll website

The first on the list is “Crunchyroll“. A widely renowned website with over 25,000 episodes on Japanese animation.

It is arguably the best-known anime streaming service in the world.

The website offers premium plans as well as thousands of episodes for free, but with a catch.

The catch is users have to watch episodes with commercials, and in this way, they provide service without premium or paid membership.

Another catch is while watching the episodes without any premium plans, users are not able to enjoy high-definition content.

The video quality will be 480p which is quite low. So if you can bear with this then Crunchyroll is a goto option for you.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Crunchyroll service:


  1. Lag-free experience – The website speed is fast, Episodes are played very smoothly, thanks to it’s dedicated streaming servers.
  2. Availability of Latest episodes –  Availability of the latest episodes makes it a go-to option for the streaming website.
  3. Easy Navigation – A user can choose from 25,000 anime series episodes based on genre, rating and popularity filters.


  1. Not totally free – They earn by displaying commercials to users, who are not paying for premium services (Not-subscribed).
  2. Low-quality videos – Besides being free for non-paid users, it also offers very low-quality videos or episodes in almost 480p resolution.

2. Viewster

viewster website

The next popular source on our list to watch anime series online is “Viewster“.

It’s a completely free streaming site that offers great quality content. You can watch online anime for free without any hesitation.

It has a decent collection of anime series episodes.

But the biggest downside is, the episodes are quite old. So if you are ok with it then surely you can go for it. Otherwise, we encourage you to look up for the other options on this list.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Viewster service:


  1. Absolutely Free – Viewster is an absolutely free anime streaming website with almost no charge at all.
  2. No commercials – Besides being charge-free, Viewster doesn’t show any commercials to its users.
  3. English Subtitles – Although it’s not a unique feature to have, you can still consider it.


  1. Not-updated – The website offers really old episodes of animes, so if you are into classic school days animes, it might interest you. Otherwise, this is the biggest downside.

3. Tubi tv

tubi tv anime streaming website

Similar to our first option “Tubi tv” is another free service supported by ads and commercials.

They really claim to have a massive collection of anime episodes.

This could be true as they considered themselves as the free version of the Popular streaming media website “Netflix“.

In order to provide content to users, they partnered with Crunchyroll and Funimation (other popular anime streaming websites).

Advantages or disadvantages of using Tubi tv service:


  1. Massive Collection – Tubi tv is the only website on our list which claims to have a massive collection of anime series.
  2. Free of cost – Tubi tv is not charging any penny to its users.
  3. Seamless Experience – The speed of the site is really fast and Dark themed UI enhances its users’ experience.


  1. Full of Commercials – The worst part about this website is that it comes with massive set of commercials. This destroys the mood of the user while watching anime online.

4. Crackle

crackle website

The next legal site on our list is “Crackle“.

It’s powered by “Sony“.

Crackle really offers a handful set of anime series which keep on changing frequently.

The best part is, Crackle doesn’t offer any premium memberships or plans and also has an ad-free streaming experience for its users.

So in our opinion, it’s worth taking a look at.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Crackle service:


  1. No Premium Memberships – Crackle doesn’t charge for any premium membership or stuff.
  2. Ad-free streaming – Besides being free and not charging for any premium service, Crackle is also offering an ad-free experience to its users. You can count it as its USB.


  1. Limited anime series – After all these great offerings, the only downside of crackle is that they have a limited set of anime series. This might disappoint some anime fans but unfortunately its true.

5. Funimation

funimation website

The next big name on our list is “Funimation“.

It is a great choice for a variety of online animes, people love to watch.

Funimation is also among the most popular online anime streaming brands. It offers both free and paid services depending on the needs of viewers.

Talking about video streaming speed and smoothness, Funimation scores well in both the fields.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Funimation service:


  1. Fast and Reliable – The biggest advantage of using Funimation is that it is a fast and reliable website. It offers one of the best user-experiences when compared to other website on this list.
  2. Reputed brand value – Funimation enjoys its popularity all across the globe.


  1. Not totally free – Just like Crunchyroll, Funimation offers both free and premium online anime services.

6. Viki

Viki Rakuten for online anime

The next popular source on our list is “Viki“.

Its a website for anime lovers.

Widely popular for international shows and Asian dramas, Viki made a special place in the hearts of anime lovers.

The anime collection is small compared to others but the kind of selection they offer is worth taking a look at.

So do consider it before making any judgments.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Viki service:


  1. Fast – Speed is the biggest advantage of this website.
  2. Simplified UI – UI is fairly simple and easy to navigate.


  1. Limited Anime Episodes – Probably the biggest and only disadvantage of Viki is having a limited number of anime episodes for its users.

7. Netflix

netflix website for online animes

Well, Netflix needs no introduction.

This web media streaming giant has a decent number of anime series to offer.

Although it is not recommended for pure anime fans, keeping in mind that it is legal and provides some of the best anime series, you might want to give Netflix a try.

The only downside we see, it’s not free.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Netflix service:


  1. Fast and Reliable – Netflix is the fastest and the most reliable option when it comes to watching online media and series.
  2. Amazing UI – This website has an amazing UI you would love to try.


  1. Not free at all – It might offer some trial period but later user has to pay in order to enjoy online anime.

8. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime website

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime enjoys the reputation of being reliable and fast.

It has almost the same number or less of anime series you would like to watch.

Offered by Amazon, Amazon Prime became the hub of Movies, TV Shows worldwide and is the second most used legal online media streaming website on the whole internet.

Advantages or disadvantages of using Amazon Prime service:


  1. Fast and Reliable – Amazon Prime is also the fastest and reliable option to consider when it comes to watching movies and web series online.
  2. Amazing UI – This website has an amazing UI you might love.


  1. Not Free – Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime is also not free. You might have to pay after the trial period ends. So keep this in mind.

Note: Recent takedowns have made popular anime sites like 9anime to rebrand. several other anime sites like AnimeDao have shut down because of legal pressure.


Hoping that this list has fulfilled your requirement to find websites to watch online anime, if not you can mention suggestions in the comments below.

Anchit Sharma
Anchit Sharma
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