Google on Monday announced the stable release of Android Studio 3.6, which includes features addressing quality in primarily code editing and debugging use cases. This update is automatically available to those who already write Android software with this IDE (Integrated Development Environment).  

Android Studio 3.6 is the first major update since Project Marble went stable in Android Studio 3.5 in August 2019. Android Studio 3.6 comes with a small number of new features, improved existing features, performance improvements, and bug fixes. 

“Some highlights of Android Studio 3.6 include a new way to quickly design, develop and preview app layouts using XML, with a new Split View in the design editors. Additionally, you no longer have to manually type in GPS coordinates to test location with your app because we now embedded Google Maps right into the Android Emulator extended control panel. Finally, we’ve made it easier to optimize your app and find bugs with automatic memory leak detection for Fragments and Activities. We hope all of these features help you be happier and more productive while developing on Android,” Scott Swarthout, Product Manager, said in a blog post while commenting on the update.

Check out the video below that gives an overview of the new features in Android Studio 3.6:

If you are ready for the next stable release and want to use a new set of productivity features, you can get started by downloading Android Studio 3.6 now.

Those who already have Android Studio installed, can go to Help > Check for Updates and follow the instructions to perform the update.