Microsoft Rewards Coming Soon To Microsoft Search

Microsoft will soon allow users to earn Microsoft Rewards for searches using Microsoft Search with an organizational account.

In other words, if you have a work or school Microsoft 365 account, you will be able to earn Microsoft Rewards points when searching on Bing.

As noted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, this feature is currently marked as “in development” and scheduled for release for May CY2021.

Given below is a full description of the feature:

Microsoft Search: Earn Microsoft Rewards when using a work or school account

Users in your organization will have the ability to earn Microsoft Rewards points when signed into select Microsoft 365 services (Microsoft Search in Bing) with their organizational (work or school) account.

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that’s linked to the users’ Microsoft account and allows them to earn points for searching the web with Bing, browsing with Microsoft Edge, and even for making purchases online at the Microsoft Store and on Xbox. They can also easily rack up Microsoft Rewards points and earn their way toward great rewards like gift cards, movies, games, non-profit donations, and more.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Search is a search engine for organizations for internal searches that can also work with Bing on the web using an organizational account.

With Microsoft expanding the Rewards program into Microsoft Search, it will definitely help users in racking up more rewards points.

Currently, it is unclear how many points people will earn for searches made on Microsoft Search using a work or school account and how this would be converted or transferred into rewards points for a personal account.

Keep watching this space for more updates, as this is a developing story!

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