Is G2A Legit & Safe To Buy Game Codes? Why Is It So Cheap?

Are you one of those players who like to play the latest games but can’t afford to buy them?

If yes, you must be looking for websites or platforms where you can buy games at cheap prices. is one such platform where you can buy games at cheap prices.

But, is G2A legit? Is it safe to buy games from G2A? If yes then why is G2A so cheap?

You must be having all these questions but don’t worry I’ll be answering all these questions in this article.

What is G2A?

G2A is an online gray marketplace where you can buy various activation keys/licenses of video games, skins, DLCs, and various software.

Most people use it to purchase steam keys at cheap prices. The cheap pricing of video games is the reason behind its popularity.

G2A provides a platform for CD-keys distributors to sell the keys, and allow buyers to buy them.

In other words, G2A itself does not sell the keys. According to its stats, G2A has about more than 19 million customers worldwide.

Is G2A Legit?

Yes, G2A is a completely legit business.

Can you imagine a platform having 19 million customers and running a scam? No? G2A is a completely legit site that provides a platform for buyers and sellers.

It is just responsible for listing the keys, codes and managing payment, and providing customer support to both buyers and sellers.

G2A payment methods are 100% secure and encrypted. It has a variety of payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Visa, iDeal, and MasterCard, and even Bitcoins.

G2A was founded in 2010 at Rzeszow, Poland, and its headquarters are in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Why is G2A Cheap?

G2A cheap games

Many people think what is cheap is not reliable. But, that’s not the case with G2A. The activation keys are the same as the keys you buy from any other platform.

The reason why they are cheap is because they are being sold by third-party sellers who have the keys in bulk.

These sellers are wholesalers who buy the game activation game keys straight from the developers and publishers in bulk.

When the keys are bought in bulk, they are sold at cheaper prices. This allows G2A sellers to sell keys at a low margin and still make a profit.

How to buy games from G2A?

Buying games and software from G2A is a very straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Create a G2A account or sign in if you already have one.
  • Choose the game you want to buy from the homepage or via categories.
  • Pay the amount mentioned via Card, PayPal, or Bitcoin, etc.
  • You can apply the G2A discount code if you have any. You can find G2A codes in their promotions.
  • And wait for the keys to be sent via email.

That’s it. Now you can redeem the key on the platform or game for what you bought it.

You can also buy a G2A gift card for gifting games and make future payments faster.

Is it safe to buy game codes from G2A?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy game codes and keys from G2A. All the keys are distributed by reputed sellers.

It is highly unlikely that any seller may cause fraud but even, in that case, you can always talk to G2A support and they are quick to resolve the issue.

How to get a refund from G2A?

Getting a refund in case of fraud or wrong keys is easy. You’ll have to go through this simple process

g2a refund process

  • You inform the seller about the problem and he or she’ll try to resolve it.
  • If you believe the seller is not providing an accurate key and doing fraud, file a claim.
  • Once the support team receives your e-mail, after investigation, your refund will be given back to you.

Can G2A get you banned on steam?

No, if you use any game key purchased from G2A, it’ll not be different from adding a regular game activation key.

In any case, the keys are not labeled as G2A keys so you can always be sure that Steam will not take any action against them.

G2A Customer Reviews got 3.6 out of 5 Trustpilot ratings from almost 280,349 reviewers. Which is decent for a platform that is value for money.

It has about 80% reviews rating it excellent.

Trustpilot G2A

However, out of 280K reviewers, 8% rated the service as ‘Bad’. I’m sure that you do not want to be part of that 8%. So, you can always make small purchases in the beginning or make little complaints to the G2A supports to know how they react to your reports.

This hands-on experience will make you more confident about the platform and the support team.

If you want to read these reviews, check out G2A reviews on Trustpilot to be more sure about your purchase.

G2A Alternatives

G2A is not the only website that sells gaming keys and gift cards. There are many alternatives to G2A such as:

  • CDKeys
  • Instant Gaming
  • Greenman Gaming
  • Kinguin

You need to proceed with caution when buying anything from these G2A alternative websites.

These websites may not be as legit, user-friendly, reliable, and ethical as G2A. You should check their legitimacy and credibility before making a purchase.


G2A is an almost 10 years old website and has been providing activation keys without any hassle.

However, there is about one person out of 10 who goes through some level of bad experience while dealing with G2A.

You can always try the website before making any big purchase. You should also check the seller’s reputation or talk to support staff before making any purchase.

If you had any good or bad experiences with, let us know in the comments below.

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