macOS Monterey Is Reportedly Bricking Old Mac PCs And Laptops

Apple released its latest operating system, macOS Monterey on October 25th. However, some angry users took to social media to complain regarding bricking of old Mac computers and laptops after updating to macOS Monterey.

Multiple forums including Apple’s own support forumsReddit, and Twitter have been flooded with user complaints that their computers are no longer turning on and rendered useless after updating to macOS Monterey and are seeking suggestions from Apple’s support team or other MacBook owners.

The problem seems to be affecting older MacBook Professional, Mac mini, and iMac running Intel-based processors.

“I was updating my MacBook Pro from 2018 and it was doing fine until the screen suddenly turned black and now it won’t turn on,” one MacBook Pro user wrote on the Apple Support Community.

“I’ve checked the outlet, the cable, the brick, everything. I’ve held power for 10 seconds and nothing happens. I have no signs of life on my MacBook.”

Now, one user has suggested a solution on the Apple Support Communities that essentially revives or restores the affected computer’s firmware using the Apple Configurator 2.

“In very rare circumstances, such as a power failure during a macOS update or upgrade, a Mac may become unresponsive and so the firmware must be revived or restored,” Apple says in a support document.

The problem with macOS Monterey bricking Mac computer systems doesn’t seem to be widespread.

While Apple has not officially acknowledged the issue, we can expect the company to roll out updates and patches to macOS Monterey in the coming weeks and months.

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