Facebook’s New ‘Feeds’ Tab Is Bringing Back Old Chronological Order

Meta-owned Facebook on Thursday announced a new mobile app feature called the ‘Feeds’ tab that would allow users to find the most recent posts from their friends, Favorites, Pages, and groups.

The content of the ‘Feeds’ tab will display the latest posts from Friends, Family, Groups, and Pages that the users follow in chronological order. It will not have Suggested For You posts in Feeds and ads are included.

“One of the most requested features for Facebook is to make sure people don’t miss friends’ posts. So today we’re launching a Feeds tab where you can see posts from your friends, groups, Pages and more separately in chronological order,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, wrote in a Facebook post.

Zuckerberg also noted that users can still find new content and recommendations on the ‘Home’ tab, which will act as more of a “discovery engine” based on users’ online habits. It will be the first thing that they will see when they open the app. From Home, users will be able to easily see TikTok-like personalized recommendations for Reels and Stories.

“The app will still open to a personalized feed on the Home tab, where our discovery engine will recommend the content we think you’ll care most about. But the Feeds tab will give you a way to customize and control your experience further,” he added.

From now, there will be two tabs for viewing content, which will be accessible from both the iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app. While the ‘Home’ tab is more of a discovery engine for users to find and follow new content and creators through recommendations, the ‘Feeds tab’ provides an easy way to access the content from the people and communities that the users are already connected with on Facebook.

Users will now start seeing ‘Feeds’ as a tab in their shortcut bar. On iOS, this bar will appear at the bottom of the app, while it will show on the top for Android devices.

The tabs in the shortcut bar will change depending on the parts of the app the users are utilizing the most. However, users can personalize and pin a tab in their shortcut bar so that their positions don’t change.

The company expects to roll out the updates globally over the next week. Besides adding features for Facebook, Meta also recently updated Instagram with the ‘Favorites’ and ‘Following’ features.

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