10 Best USTVGO Alternatives | Live TV Channel Streams 2024

USTVGO is a live TV streaming website mostly focused on sharing TV channels stream based in the US which included 80+ tv channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Showtime, Science, WWE Network, FOX, HBO, Disney Network, and Nickelodeon.

USTVGO had fewer ads and loaded faster and thus was loved by its users. Earlier VPN users faced issues opening the site and later it shut down for all.

Trying to access the website using mirror links like ustv247.tv and watchnewslive.tv, display the same message i.e. “we are closed”.

What happened to USTVGO?

You may be wondering why USTVGO closed.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has taken credit for shutting down USTVGO. ACE is currently working on taking control of the domains of USTVGO.

Jan van Voorn, Chief of Global Content Protection for the MPA and head of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) told TorrentFreak that it tracked down and contacted the owner of the site in Vietnam.

USTVGO website which had 20+ million visitors per month was illegally sharing TV streams from the US without permission.

While there are chances that USTVGO may come back with some new domain and an entirely new team operator. For now, you can only try out some replacements for USTVGO.

If you were a regular visitor of USTVGO then these Free USTVGO Alternative sites or Alternatives To USTVGO might impress you,

Best USTVGO Alternatives

1. UStream

First, on the list of Free Websites Like USTVGO, we have UStream. Well, UStream is one of the best alternatives for USTVGO as it has well over 200 premium channels offering different genres of content in HD quality.


Furthermore, the website is very well-developed and easy to navigate.

2. 123TV Now

The next best website to access live television which also happens to be a great USTVGO substitute is 123TV Now.


Luckily the website doesn’t bombard visitors with advertisements and you can effortlessly find US and UK TV channels on 123TV Now.


SLING TV is another trustworthy USTVGO Alternative that provides both free and on-demand content.


Some mainstream channels that you can access with SLING TV are CNN, CNN, Comedy Central, TNT, TLC, NBC, and many more. It’s worth noting that you have to sign up before using SLING TV.

4. Yupp TV

When talking about Sites Like USTVGO we can’t leave out Yupp TV as it’s one of the most feature-packed live TV services out there.


Additionally, Yupp TV is also a Legal USTVGO Alternative. All you need to enjoy content on Yupp TV is to sign-up for a free account.

5. TV247

Next on the list of USTVGO.TV Alternatives we have TV247. As the name suggests, you can enjoy 24/7 USA Live TV on TV247 for free.


Some mainstream channels available on TV247 are HBO, ABC, Disney XD, CBS, and Discovery Channel. Lastly, TV247 also offers subtitles for a majority of content.


DIRECTV is another USTVGO alternative that’s completely legal to use and you can pay a fixed subscription fee to enjoy well over 150+ live channels.


The number of channels can be increased by opting for the premium plan that offers 330+ channels and the count is increasing at a rapid pace.


If you prefer watching premium channels and that too in high quality then do checkout FOMNY TV. As one of the best sites like USTVGO, FOMNY TV has a massive collection of shows and movies from different genres.

Fomny TV

It’s worth noting that FOMNY TV is not entirely free and you have to pay a fee to unlock more content on this website similar to USTVGO.

8. DaddyHD

If you reside in US or Canada then DaddyHD might be the best USTVGO alternative for you as you can watch over 120+ live tv channels and other sports programming on this website.


One of the major highlights of DaddyHD is its clean and easy to navigate UI that makes the entire process of searching content a breeze.

9. StreamWink

Earlier known as Wizler TV, StreamWink is another feature-packed live tv streaming service that offers content forom different genres like movies, documentaries, infotainment, entertainment, and more.


The TV guide provided by StreamWink can come in handy to check what’s playing now and the upcoming programming schedule.

10. Pluto TV

Last on the list of websites like USTVGO we have Pluto TV. Well, Pluto TV is available in the US, UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and a few more European nations.


You can effortlessly find more than 200 channels on Pluto TV coupled with on-demand movies and TV shows.

Note: USTVGO android app does not work and asks users to install VPN.


So these were some of the best alternatives to USTVGO that are worth checking out since USTVGO has closed its operation.

If you have any recommendations then feel free to let us know.

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