Top 5 Best MDM Solutions in 2023

What is Mobile Device Management(MDM) Software

Mobile Device Management or often abbreviated as MDM is an important software that’s required by every modern business to automate, remotely control, and secure administrative policies on smartphones or any other endpoint devices connected to an organization’s network.

MDM solution allows businesses to monitor and control fleet devices at once remotely and keep all the devices working in a certain way with kiosk mode, policy, AMS, etc features, ensuring productivity and security for the organizations.

Benefits Of Using Mobile Device Management

  • Secure Privacy Data: One of the primary benefits of using Mobile Device Management is that all of your important company data coupled with your company devices are completely secured. Only the Admins can decide who and how someone can use your devices.
  • Unassisted Remote Control: Using an MDM you can remotely control your devices and even send alerts to your employees when there’s something important. Since a majority of operations using MDM are completed remotely it ends up saving both time and valuable resources.
  • Reduce device downtime: Thanks to MDM programs device downtimes are reduced drastically. An MDM helps the admins identify and fix problems with devices remotely and more quickly. As a result, it eliminates the need to get on calls or even travel to the actual device location to fix it.

Five Best MDM Solutions

1. AirDroid Business

Airdroid Business

AirDroid Business is one of the most feature-packed Mobile Device Management software out there that’s specifically designed to control, seamlessly provision, manage, and secure all mainstream Android Devices, including smartphones, tablets, self-service kiosks, vending machines, or POS systems a breeze.

The Admin Team or Business Owners can access and effortlessly control the devices shared with employees or customers using a centralized dashboard as long as they have full ownership and administrative rights.

Using AirDroid Business firms can also completely eliminate unapproved app installations and restrict non-work uses. In a nutshell, the AirDroid Business is designed to effectively reduce operational costs for businesses by getting a majority of work done remotely.

Additionally, the program is capable to perform tasks in batches eliminating the need to manually perform the same task repeatedly.

Features at Glance:

  • Support bulk enrollment

Flexible enrollment options makes large deployment much easier, including scanning QR code, input the deployment code, and connect via USB.

  • Reliable remote control & troubleshooting

A powerful tool to remotely monitor and control the attended or unattended devices together simplifies devices management for enterprises. And remote troubleshooting saves up more time and resources for carring out onsite support and maintenance. 

  • Black screen mode

The screen will be darkened or shown “This device is under maintenance” while the IT admin remote control the devices, ensuring the security of data for businesses.

  • Policy & Kiosk Mode

Safeguarding corporate data is as important as managing it. Luckily AirDroid Business implements a comprehensive security policy, including restricting USB file transfer, prohibiting the installation of unsafe apps, locking into a dedicated Kiosk Mode, setting website whitelist and lockdown device.

  • Hassle-free mobile application management(AMS)

Manage and distribute both in-house and third-party applications, keeping apps updated at all times.

  • Location tracking & Geofencing

Keep tracking of the devices with a centralized dashboard and wipe the data remotely, in case of being stolen to avoid the company data leakage.

  • Trustworthy monitoring & Alert

Offer the ability to monitor the entire deployment of devices in real time and access critical information like location, data usage, battery health, and much more from the Admin Console.

2. ManageEngine MDM Plus

ManageEngine MDM Plus

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an AirDroid Business alternative that gives enterprises the ability to harness the power of mobility.

Enterprises can improve employee productivity without compromising on enterprise security with features like mobile device management, application management, email management and device containerization. 

Features at Glance:

  • Supported Platforms Android, iOS, Windows & Mac for MDM
  • 360°support for enterprise mobility
  • Seamless app distribution and management
  • Foolproof security for corporate data
  • Protect enterprise email
  • Share documents to mobile devices with just a few clicks
  • Manage enterprise owned and private devices

3. Hexnode MDM

Hexnode MDM

Hexnode is a comprehensive unified endpoint management tool for IT professionals to deploy and secure corporate devices, which enables businesses to manage mobility concerns by providing a simple, effective way to view and control devices from a single administrative platform. 

Features at Glance:

  • Supports Cross platforms – Android, iOS, Windows PCs and laptops, macOS, tvOS, Android tvOS and fireOS
  • Remote view and control help admins troubleshoot the devices remotely
  • Block unwanted URLs with Web Content Filtering
  • Monitor and track everything from an intuitive dashboard
  • Single and multi-app kiosk lockdown
  • Auto group geofenced devices

4. Scalefusion


Scalefusion MDM secures and manages endpoints including smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged devices, Point of Sale (POS), and digital signages, making device management simple and effortless along with providing world-class customer support.

Features at Glance:

  • Manage fleet of devices from one platform
  • Protect corporate data through device security and policies
  • Seamless app distribution and management
  • Enable remote cast & control to troubleshoot devices easily
  • Ensure device compliance & policy enforcement
  • Get deep insights into your device inventory

5. Esper


Esper is the ultimate platform for dedicated device fleets, providing seamless end-to-end management of Android dedicated devices within a stable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure.

With Esper’s robust capabilities for device lockdown, kiosk mode, remote control, over-the-air updates, deployment pipelines, and more, organizations can automate standard device operations and focus on innovation.

Features at Glance:

  • Automate all of your policy workflows
  • Search, analyze and bookmark federal and state regulations
  • Remotely view, control, and debug your devices from anywhere
  • Leverage real-time observability and monitoring to manage drift
  • Deploy application software with agility using DevOps CI/CD pipelines
  • Support throughout hardware lifecycle for GMS & AOSP dedicated devices
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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