Facebook: Turn Off Suggested for You Posts and Pages

Facebook’s algorithm tries to show you posts and pages that you may like.

You may have seen posts from unknown pages with the headline “Suggested for you“.

Even though you haven’t liked or followed the page or have never interacted with the page why is Facebook showing you a Suggested for You post?

Facebook’s algorithm shows you suggestions and posts according to your likings, interactions, location, and what it thinks you may like.

This can also be a viral post in your area/location.

Note: If someone else is using your Facebook account too it may be because of something they viewed on Facebook earlier which is causing you to show more similar posts.

How to Turn Off “Suggested for You” Posts On Facebook?

While there is no direct way to turn off suggested for you posts on Facebook you can still manage what you want to see as suggested posts.

Suggested for You facebook

1. Scroll to the suggested post that you don’t want to see

2. Click on the three dots icon beside the post.

3. Click on Show less (If you want to see less suggested posts like this)

4. Click on Hide Post (If you want to see fewer posts like this)

5. Snooze for 30 days will temporarily stop showing posts from the page.

6. Hide all will permanently hide all posts from the page

Alternatively, you can click the cross button on the right of the suggested for you posts.

This will help Facebook understand that you are not liking such posts and it will show fewer and fewer similar posts in coming days on your feed.

What else you can do?

  • Try not to interact with posts or pages that you don’t have an interest in.
  • Do not let others use your Facebook account.
  • Do not use third-party Facebook apps.

Note: We suggest not using any third-party app, plugins, or extensions that claim to turn off or remove suggested posts on Facebook, as this may lead you to get hacked, data theft, or even worsen the suggested posts.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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