Microsoft’s PC Manager App Is Now Available For Download To Boost Performance

Microsoft’s PC Manager app, which is meant to enhance user experience on Windows 10 and 11 systems, is now available for download from the Microsoft Store. It is available on Windows 10 and 11 (x64 and ARM).

For those unaware, the PC Manager app, developed by Microsoft China, was released as a free tool back in 2022 as a preview for only select regions.

The app, which is similar to CCleaner, was officially launched in January 2024 and is now widely available for more regions, including the U.S., in English and Chinese language options.

“Microsoft PC Manager is an officially launched desktop security tool aimed at global users,” the company writes on its Store.

“It integrates Windows antivirus engine, comprehensively building a computer protection system. Microsoft PC Manager adheres to the four product concepts of simplicity, fluency, close to native, efficient and secure, and pure without disturbance. Based on user pain points, it provides a one-stop computer problem-solving solution, addressing issues such as malicious system tampering, insufficient computer space, system lag, and excessive pop-up ads, creating a native Windows system experience for users.”

The app offers one-click solution for system optimization, including a RAM usage manager, cleaning up of junk files, OS troubleshooting, anti-virus protection via Microsoft Defender, pop-up blocker for Windows apps, and more.

Besides its primary functions, the PC Manager app also introduces a floating toolbar that allows you to instantly access to boost your PC or launch other tools. These include:

  • PC Boost: PC Manager can boost your PC’s performance by cleaning up your system and freeing up space.
  • Storage Management: It can give your PC a spring cleaning and manage large files.
  • Antivirus Scan: By utilizing the Microsoft Defender virus engine, PC Manager identifies unknown risks, ensuring computer security.
  • Health Check: With one click, it can find and fix issues quickly, as well as scan and clear threats.
  • Toolbox: It is smarter and more efficient, as it understands your needs better.

Please note that the virus scanning function in Microsoft PC Manager depends on Windows Defender, which means the virus scanning function cannot be used if Windows Defender is not installed in the system.

For those interested in downloading the Microsoft PC Manager app can go to the Microsoft Store here.

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