15 Secret iPhone Codes That You Should Know in 2024

The iPhone is full of numerous useful features and apps.

However, some settings and features are hidden and can only be accessed using secret USSD codes.

iPhone USSD Codes or Unstructured Supplementary Service Data comprises of combination of digits and symbols.

You need to dial these iPhone codes using the Phone app, and a new window will launch to display the requested setting or information.

These secret iPhone codes can help you check the SIM lock status in your iPhone, display a battery cycle count, and do much more.

Note: Some of these hidden iPhone codes may not work in your country or with your network provider.

Best iPhone Secret Codes

Let’s take a look at some unknown USSD codes for iPhones.

1. Show IMEI Number in iPhone (*#06#)

IMEI number is a unique set of digits assigned to a phone. It comes in handy while tracking the phone, especially when an iPhone is lost.

The USSD code to check the iPhone IMEI number is useful when you don’t have the original box and want to track the iPhone or trade-in for a new model.

Dial *#06# in the Phone app to display the IMEI number.

2. Check Mobile Plan Details and Balance (*777#)

You can check the current plan details, balance, and validity on your iPhone by dialing the *777# code. If you use a Postpaid plan, dial the code *225#.

It is much easier than calling the official SIM card provider’s number and navigating the IVR menu to know the plan details.

3. Check Battery Cycle Count in iPhone(*#0228#)

iPhone battery weakens over time, just like all battery-powered devices. The battery cycle count displays the number of times an iPhone battery is completely charged and discharged.

Dial *#0228# and tap on the Call button. If you want to extend the battery life of an iPhone, limit its charging capacity to 80 percent.

4. Run Diagnostics Test (#0#)

Wondering about hardware defects in your iPhone? You can get a detailed overview of every component, including the display, sensors, and everything else, using a single USSD code.

Dial #0# in the Phone app and wait for the test to complete. If the test flags any component, get it repaired.

5. Check Missed Calls in iPhone (#61#)

If your iPhone has no network access or was switched off for a while, you can use the #61# code to check for missed calls.

Dial the code, and you will see a list of all the phone numbers that tried to contact you.

6. Check SIM Lock Status on iPhone (#mobilenumber#)

iPhone comes in two SIM configurations: locked and unlocked. The main difference is that you cannot change the SIM card in the locked configuration.

If you have bought an iPhone and want to check the SIM lock status, type #yourphonenumber# and tap the call button.

7. Download Carrier Settings Update (#UPDATE#)

The carrier settings contain network and configuration data and need updates periodically. This iPhone secret code doesn’t contain any numbers.

Type #UPDATE# and tap the call button to download and install the latest carrier settings for your phone.

8. Check iPhone Network Signal Using Field Test Mode (3001#12345#)

If you experience call drops in your iPhone, you can use the Field Test Mode to check the network signal strength and other related parameters. Dial 3001#12345#, and you will see the output in decibels.

The -50 dB to -60dB range is considered a good signal, while the -70dB to -90dB range indicates an average signal. If the value crosses -100dB, your iPhone has poor network connectivity.

9. Check Voicemail Status (#50057672#)

If you are wondering whether you have activated voicemail or not, dial #50057672# USSD code.

It will display the current status of the voicemail, the assigned phone number, and errors in saving voicemail, if any.

10. Override iPhone Region Locks (*#0049#)

iPhone has a regional lock, which is a problem if you want to use SIM from another carrier in a different country. But you can bypass the iPhone regional lock with the *#0049# USSD code. Dial it, and after that, you can use any SIM card.

11. Check Call Waiting Status in iPhone (*#43#)

Call waiting notifies you when another person tries to call you while you are talking with someone. Dial *#43# to verify if the call waiting feature is active or not.

To enable call waiting, dial *43# and tap on the call button. Use the code #43# to disable call waiting on iPhone.

12. Forward Calls in iPhone (*21(number)#)

Call forwarding transfers the call to another designated number in case you are unavailable. Dial *#21# to check if the call forwarding is active or not.

To add a number to call forwarding, type *21(number)# and tap on the Call button.

13. Reset iPhone’s Network Settings (##001127#)

If you cannot call anyone from your iPhone, there could be a problem with the current network settings.

So, you can use the ##001127# code to reset the network settings and force the iPhone to re-download them.

14. Check Cellular Data Usage (500561412#)

Want to know how much data you have used while watching videos and surfing the web on your iPhone? Dial 500561412# to check the daily as well as overall data usage.

No need to install third-party or carrier apps to check data limit and consumption.

15. Soft Reset iPhone (*#7780#)

If your iPhone is freezing and apps crash randomly, it isn’t easy to open iPhone settings and reset it.

Instead, dial the *#7780# code to perform a soft reset. This code will reset the app data and phone settings and fix the app launch problem.

Unlock Hidden iPhone Secret Settings using USSD.

These were the unknown USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes that you can use to customize and fix problems in your iPhone.

Most of the codes will work in any iPhone version.

Make sure to dial the correct code and use the appropriate symbols at both ends of the code.


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