ComboFix Download 2024 [FREE]

Is your computer infected with malware, random popup ads, and unwanted installed programs? Then you need to download ComboFix.

ComboFix performs dozens of scans and finds the malware and affected folders. Then it repairs and removes them as required.

You just need to launch it and sit back while it does the job from start to finish.

Since it is the last resort for many users, you can use it after exhausting other options.

CompatiblityWin XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 – 32-bit/64-bit

How to scan and remove malware using ComboFix?

1. Close all programs and pause any anti-virus program running in the background.

2. Launch ComboFix and sit back as it does not need any user input.

It will create a registry backup, and a system restore point for your Windows. That’s for scenarios if something goes wrong, you can restore your Windows without a problem.

Downlaod Combofix

3. ComboFix will run 50 tests to scan for malware, PUPs, and more. It will take a couple of minutes so you can keep it running in the background and be away from the computer for a while.

Combofix scanning

4. Once the scan is complete, a log report will open up automatically. You can read to find out the results. It will consist of the malware found and the actions taken by ComboFix.

Combofix scan report

ComboFix features

  • Portable app and you can launch it after downloading
  • Runs over 50 scans to find malware and other suspicious actors
  • It does not require user input for the scans or proceeding actions

Can I run ComboFix on Windows 10/11?

Unfortunately, you cannot run on Windows 10/11 since the developer has designed it from Windows XP to Windows 8.

Combofix error

Even running it in compatibility mode won’t work, so there is no point in trying it. The developer has not released a version for years now. You can consider it as the final version of ComboFix.


ComboFix is amongst the best malware removal software if you are running an older Windows.

We will update here with the download link if a newer version is released for Windows 11.

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