How To Enable And Use Voice Chat On Roblox

Roblox is an insanely popular online gaming and game-creation platform that millions love.

Using Roblox’s Chat With Voice Feature you can interact with your friends while playing games.

VC also plays a significant role in several games like Roblox Community Space, Mic Up, and many more.

To enable and use Voice Chat On Roblox, users must be 13 years old, and anyone younger than this age is not eligible to activate voice chat.

So here’s How To Enable And Use Voice Chat On Roblox.

Roblox Voice Chat Requirements

Before moving on to the actual tutorial to Enable Roblox Voice Chat it’s worth going over the requirements for Activating VC On Roblox.

1. As mentioned earlier, a roblox user must be at least 13 years or older to enable and use voice chat.

2. Phone number-verified users on roblox who are 13 years or older can use the voice chat feature if they belong to any of these countries, US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, ES, MX, CL, CR, PR.

3. If you don’t belong to the countries mentioned above then you need a valid government-issued ID or any other supported document to verify your age.

Continue reading as in the next section we will showcase, How To Verify Your Age ID on roblox to use and Enable Roblox Voice Chat.

How To Verify Your Age On Roblox?

The age verification process on roblox might seem a bit intimidating, but in reality, it’s quite simple.

Just as an extra step of precaution ensure that you have your email address and phone number verified on roblox. Finally, you should have access to a smartphone or tablet with a working camera to Verify Age ID.

Follow these simple steps to verify your age on roblox within a few minutes,

Verify Age Roblox

  • Firstly, visit the Official Roblox Website on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC and ensure that you are logged in to your Roblox Account.
  • Open settings by pressing the settings icon located in the upper-right corner.
  • Next, locate the Account Info¬†section, and under your date of birth press the button that says ‘Verify My Age’.
  • You will now be greeted with a QR Code. Scan it using your smartphone or tablet.

Verify Your Age Roblox

  • You have to now press Begin Verifying and upload the front and back sides of your government-issued ID. It’s worth noting that you have to allow camera access permission for the verification process.
  • After uploading the ID, you have to now take a selfie and upload it on the same webpage.

If everything goes well, within a few minutes your age will now be verified on Roblox.

How to Enable Voice Chat In Roblox?

After verifying your age on roblox, here’s how you can enable voice chat in roblox,

Turn On Voice Chat

  • Once again,¬†visit the Official Roblox Website and open settings by pressing the settings icon located in the upper-right corner.
  • Next, locate and open the Privacy Section, here toggle the switch that says Enable Voice Chat Toggle.

You have now successfully Enabled Voice Chat In Roblox.

How To Use Roblox Voice Chat?

After enabling voice chat you can now use voice chat in every supported roblox game. To do so, press the microphone icon on your avatar head. Instantly you can now interact with other players on the server.

Voice Chat Roblox

You can even change your microphone input device by going into the settings of the game you are playing.


How Do I Activate Voice Chat On Roblox?

To activate voice chat on roblox, you should be at least 13 years old. Next, you have to verify your age and after the verification is complete you can head on to Settings > Privacy > toggle on “Enable Voice Chat”.

Why Can’t I Use Voice Chat When It’s Enabled On Roblox?

You have to ensure that voice chat is actually enabled on Roblox, to do so go to the Roblox Website and open Settings followed by Privacy. Here ensure that the enable voice chat toggle is turned on.

How Do You Turn On Voice Chat In Roblox 2024?

To Turn On Voice Chat In Roblox 2024, firstly verify your age on roblox, once that’s done open settings, head on to the privacy tab, and turn on the switch that says Enable Voice Chat Toggle.

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