PPSSPP Finally Brings A PSP Emulator to iOS and iPadOS Devices

Do you remember and miss those PlayStation Portable (PSP) titles from your childhood?

You may not have a functional PlayStation Portable, but you can now play these games on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 or iPadOS 12 or later.

The emulator was already available for Android, but with Apple now allowing emulators on iPhone, PPSSPP has finally made its way to iOS and iPadOS.

It is all thanks to PPSSPP, a PlayStation Portable emulator for iOS and iPadOS.

This much-anticipated app comes from Henric Rydgård, who has developed other legacy console emulators for iOS and Android.

psp portable with some graphics background

At the time of writing, PPSSPP is available free of cost for iPhones and iPads.

However, the developer has hinted at a premium version in the works.

Rydgård has been trying to get PPSSPP on the App Store for over 12 years. Even the current version has more limitations than the unofficial PPSSPP builds that were available previously.

For instance, the iOS version does not support Vulkan through MoltenVK, Magic Keyboard, JIT compiler, or RetroAchievements.

However, Rydgård says future versions will attempt to enable these options.

On the bright side, these limitations would not affect the performance of PPSSPP. This is due to the powerful nature of iOS devices and the minimal CPU requirements of PSP.

Therefore, you can play all your favorite PSP games at full speed.

We tried PPSSPP, which packs all the good stuff we have seen in Rydgård’s previous emulators.

You can now download the emulator app from the App Store. The same app is available for Android on the Play Store as well.

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