An interview with Ag3nt47, From the world of Anonymous hacking, exclusive on techworm.

If you dont know Ag3nt47, you are new to world of security news, and you never know when he is going to hit you.

Ag3nt47, Twitter handle: @Ag3nt47

His major projects (#Hacked) :

Long list, containing some of the top most universities,  Automobile industries websites.  His exploits include NASA, the agency of the United States government that is responsible for the nation’s civilian space program and for aeronautics and aerospace research.

1.When did you find your interest in hacking?

Ag3nt47: I got into computer repairs at a very young age, around 12, I’m 26 now, I then moved onto gaming, then finally hacking.

2.What was your first hacking project, was it secret, if you want to share it with us, or else go with first one which u can share with us?

Ag3nt47: I hacked my middle school. That was my first real hack.

3.Ever thought of becoming white hat?

Ag3nt47: White hat? Nope, that just is not my calling. I’m the villain of the interwebs, not the hero. So white-hat is not an option.

4.Is there any project, which you thought you should not have done, yes or no,, may be you would like to tell us about it?

Ag3nt47: I regret hacking friends and family. I really feel bad about that.

5.Which one do you think is your biggest project till now?

Ag3nt47: I’m retired as hacker. So project’s ‘hacks’ are not in my thoughts. I am addicted. So it’s hard to stop hacking.I hacked Honda last night.. after swearing to quit.


Ag3nt47: I never been hacked by anyone in my life. I’ve hacked many other hackers though.

7.hackers which are your inspiration. or you like them most?

Ag3nt47: I would say my favorite hackers are those that steal more then a million dollars.

8.Which method would you use, to breach into small websites?

Ag3nt47: Small websites? I don’t waste my time with anymore.

9.Would you like to give some security tips, to our readers and ofcourse me 🙂 ?

Ag3nt47: Security tips? Nothing is ever really secure. The internet is ours. The hackers will always find away to break the security.

10.Got something else that you want to share?

Ag3nt47: I would share this with people. Always show your family love. Never take them for granted. When they leave the world you will regret it.

Ag3nt47:So my final advise is show your family love. Try loving people even when they are different. We are all humans. We are all family. ~47

Thanks Ag3nt47 For providing some time from your busy schedule.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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