A new kind of Facebook spam, Just 14 years Old drunk girl did this infront of all Public. has been reported. that not only can post on victim behalf on his wall and tag his friends. but also could create a group and invite your friends on your behalf.

This spam seems to be developed version of one of the earlier spam that posted on victim’s behalf on his wall and tagged his friend, it also installed Bitcoing Mining Malware. similarly this spam also Installs Bitcoing Mining Malware, but in Addition to it, it also could create group and invite Friends of victim, from his profile.

On clicking the link, which is of Tinyurl, URL shortener, You would be redirected to another link from file sharing website of dropbox. which will redirect you to a final link something like- fbsponser.biz….. while the whole process i guess they are able to collect your Access token and use it to create groups or post on your behalf.

This page will show you the video is buffering and when you click it. you will be asked to install flash plugin, The flash plugin not installed and popup will ask to install flash plugin.

The fake flash player plugin will install Bitcoing mining Malware. and they will be able to extract more data from your system. Your Antivirus system may respond the Plugin as A virus and may not be able to detect it.
In some case, The fake flash player update leads them to install a .vbs file. on the system. on executing the file, the victim is asked for a reboot of system showing error message that the installation has failed, and reboot is needed to avoid damage to the computer. While victim is engaged in all these activities, the malware installs a java, .jar file.

Learn How to Remove Malware installed by Facebook spam from your computer. here