More than 300 websites defaced under #OpFreeSyria By Team Hacking Argentino.

From last few days, Anonymous Networks from around the globe have started #OpFreeSyria. to stop the war in Syria.
Today more then 300 websites were hacked and defaced By Anonymous hacker network from Argentina- Team Hacking Argentino. which supports #OpFreeSyria, and does not wants to see war in Syria.

Hacked websites were showing a message:

Your System Has Been Hacked By Tobitow – #OpFreeSyriaTHA
.:: You are always in our observation ::.
‘From Argentina to todoe the WORLD’
Every war is a destruction of the human spirit.
‘Team Hacking Argentino not want more wars’ 
‘Fucking government will never censor our cry for freedom’ 

Special Thanks To:- Libero – Syrian Electronic Army – Anonymous

The list of websites hacked can bee seen below:

From last few days Anonymous network around the world has been supporting #OpFreeSyria, and does not want U.S to send their troops to attack Syria , many government websites were brought down with DDOS attacks, including some other Popular organisations websites were hacked too.

At the time of writing the Article most of the websites were still showing the deface page.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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