Several popular websites of media, and political Organisation was hacked today by Moroccan agent secret.

Websites hacked were defaced any showing the message about the deadly Chemical Massacre in Syria.

Websites hacked Can be seen from the list provided below:

1. official website of Imam Islam Hosaini

2. jebhe Front party, of south of tehran

3. The official website of Abshar Monthly newspaper

4. kermanshah congress, official website

5. Eyar news,

6. Province of Bab Tehran17

At the time of writing the Article all the websites were still showing a deface page with message against Chemical Massacre in Syria.

??? ??? ???? ?? ???????
Stop killing our people and Israel still enjoy the security and safety and Arab blood shed everywhere .. Enough silence and our children are kill with chemotherapy .. I think our role is coming.! We The Syrian youth will not forget the silence you and neighboring countries mute On Mjazrna and our rights and our land have been violated and you are silent Do not Taatvohon with no word rejoicing and Have Fun And the people of Syria every hour and an hour hundreds of martyrs Any right U Steel Silents the Is this religion or this is our religion Aageskm Islam silence against the massacres of Muslims?
(this message has been translated in english)


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