Twitter home of exploits and vulnerabilities, exploits founded by Mauritania Attacker.

Is twitter safe for their users, May be, or may be not, Mauritania Attacker claims he have access to more than 3 Exploits on twitter.

2 days ago Mauritani Attacker leaked more than 15000 Accounts credentials that consisted of oauth_tokens of the account . although twitter said that no accounts were compromised and the data was from a third party app, which was no longer having access to twitter’s network.

Mauritania Attacker today mentioned 3 exploits that are present in twitter at present, and including him only selected members of Anonghost have access to it.

Exploit 1: Twitter have vulnerability in ‘xml’ of their template, which can let hackers to get access to
millions of users who are online. in fact it generates the Account of users who are online.

Exploit 2: exploit in twitter apps, more than 80% of twitter apps are vulnerable. which can let hackers to stole oauth_token. the reason behind it is that most of the apps never uses external host.

Exploit 3: exploit that exposes email id of twitter accounts, A screenshot shows thousands of email id of twitter account holders.

He also advised user not to allow permission to websites which needs access to their token at time of sharing news, commenting, etc , 

i advice people for their security to not allow twitter permission from websites
when sharing links
etc… ‘Said Mauritania Attacker’.

Mauritania Attacker have not disclosed the methods he uses for the exploit, neither he disclosed the Vulnerability. but have shown some proofs for the existing exploits in the Twitter. he said, he may leak some details of twitter user’s in few days.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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