AnonGhost have hacked and defaced 130 Israeli websites today.

Israel is one of the world’s most targeted country by Hackers and have Faces lots of Cyber Attacks daily.
Although many security experts believe that #OpIsraelReborn was not a big success for Hacker groups who organised it. but Israel faced a lots of damage on their cyber space.
we came across more than 100’s of websites of Israel that are defaced daily, and that means the cyber war is still on, and have not come to an end. 
Today AnonGhost hacked and defaced 130 Israeli websites. all the defacements are home page defacement of websites with domain extension ‘’.

Defaced page was showing a short message:

|==========[  :::Message for you:::  ]==========|
Don't Panic Israel !
We are the Same People who fucked you and now we are back to Punish you again ^_^
and These are just some Bombs of The Resistance ^_^
We are AnonGhost and We are Everywhere !/

List of Hacked websites can be seen in the paste provided below:

At the time of writing the Article almost every where showing a deface page.


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