Afghan Cyber Army leaked 1.5 Millions user Accounts of  Computational Biology Laboratory, Technion of Israel ( under #OpIsraelReb0rn. The leaked data was dumped on Pastebin, which Includes Hosting Details,Users details &Team details from the server. the paste also contains link to the uploaded data on different file sharing Network. which is divided into three parts.

Link to the leaked data can be seen from the below paste, Created by Afghan Cyber Army:

Israeli cyber space was targeted form Many Muslim hacker groups from Around the world under #OpIsraelReb0rn. Many of the government websites from Israel were tango downed for the whole day. Moreover many websites were hacked and defaced, with huge data leaks from the server.

We checked the leaked data and found it in raw form in plain text, data seems to be legit and current.


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