A Indian Hacker going with the handle Aadi Noob from 404 Pakistan Not Found Team Hacked and Defaced 3 District Government Website of Pakistan.

The Hacked page was showing, a deface page similar to above screenshot, with a short message: 

Pay Back For Hacking Indian Websites >>>>>>>>> Gretz To All Indians <<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>> Jai Hand >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

The Websites which are defaced are:

District Government of Hyderabad, Pakistan—>
Mirror: https://www.zone-hack.com/37142.html

District Government of Larkano, Pakistan–>
Mirror: https://www.zone-hack.com/37143.html

District Government of Sindh, Pakistan–>
Mirror: https://www.zone-hack.com/37144.html

At the time of writing the Article all three web pages were still defaced.