A Indian Hacker group going with the handle, 1NÐ14N C¥B3R R4K$H4K. Hacked and defaced 93 websites.

The newly formed hacker group 1NÐ14N C¥B3R R4K$H4K, is Highly active from last few days and have hacked 93 websites today.
The hacked websites were showing a deface page with image of Indian National flag, and a short message:

Jai Hind Vandemataram 
Love to All Indian Hackers out There
We are: Kol Hakzz, Spider64, YAMRAAJ, DN HEXOR, Indian Assasin, Rowdy Robot, AnonIndia
Greetz to : All Indian Hackers and friends

List of hacked websites can be seen from the paste provided below:

At the time of writing the Article all the websites were still showing the deface page.