Belgacom, telecom Operator which handles most of the voice traffic in Belgium, Africa & middle east filed a complaint in july about hacking of its computers and servers. and pointed finger at NSA & GCHQ (United States).

This weekend Belgacom finally was able to find the Backdoor and remove it from their server to stop further access to their data by hackers.

A spokes person from Belgacom said on monday, that their Network was hacked and some malware were planted in their servers, besides malware hackers used advanced encryption method to steal important data from their server.
The malware has been now removed and better measures have been taken to secure servers now, said the spokes person from Belgacom.

A local media group, The Belgian Daily said that The National Security Agency, U.S has been Monitoring Belgacom International traffic of Subsidary BICS, from last two years.

Another media group reported possible suspects as United Kingdom Government communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and The united states National Security Agency (NSA).