Mauritania Attacker, leader of Team AnonGhost hacked and dumped database of BMCI bank ( & chinguitel Telecom ( In Mauritania.

The leaked data was dumped and uploaded to file sharing Network zippyshare. and can be downloaded from here the leaked data Contains 4 SQL files. one from BMCI bank and other 3 from Chinguitel Telecom. the dumped data is raw data and is mixed with variables and parameters from the website. but email, password and some other Important data can be seen at some places.

Bmci bank is one of the leading Multinational Bank group which have branches in Various countries, Chinguitel belongs to expresso telecom from Sudan and is one of the most popular telecom Country in Mauritania. 

It is not the first time tat AnonGhost have leaked database from Any big organisations, But they keep leaking database time to time from High profile company’s and organisations, mostly From Israel and U.S.


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